iPhone 13 Pro Max Price In Nigeria UK Used & Specifications

The iPhone 13 Pro Max was released by Apple in September 2021, and it comes in various storage sizes and colors. The phone is an upgrade from the iPhone 12 Pro Max, with improved camera features, a more powerful processor, and longer battery life.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Price In Nigeria UK Used

You can purchase a UK used iPhone 13 Promax in Nigeria starting from N650,000N860,000. This price range is based on various factors such as the condition of the device, storage capacity, and the seller’s location. Those living in Lagos might get it at a cheaper rate compared to those Living outside Lagos.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Price UK UsedPrice In Nigeria
iPhone 13 Pro Max Price In Nigeria UK Used 128GB₦650,000 ₦700,000 
iPhone 13 Pro Max Price In Nigeria UK Used 256GB720,000₦750,000 
iPhone 13 Pro Max Price In Nigeria UK Used 512GB780,000 ₦800,000 
iPhone 13 Pro Max Price In Nigeria UK Used 1TB820,000₦860,000 
iPhone 13 Pro Max Price In Nigeria UK Used


iPhone 13 Pro Max Price In Nigeria UK Used

iPhone 13 Pro Max Full Specifications

BASIC INFOiPhone 13 Pro Max Full Specifications
NameiPhone 13 Pro Max
ModelA2643, A2484, A2641
Launch DateSeptember 24th, 2021.
Type of ScreenXDR OLED
Size Of Screen6.7 inches
Refresh Rate120Hz
Resolution1284 x 2778
Dimensions160.8 x 78.1 x 7.7 mm
Build MaterialCorning glass front and back, and a stainless steel frame.
SoftwareiOS 15, Upgradable
ProcessorApple A15 Bionic
CPUHexa-core (2×3.23 GHz Avalanche + 4×1.82 GHz Blizzard)
GPUApple GPU – 5-core graphics
Main12 MP
Telephoto12 MP
Ultra-wide12 MP
Selfie12 MP
Internal storage128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Capacity4352 mAh
FingerprintNo (Replaced with face ID)
ColorsGraphite, Gold, Silver, Sierra Blue, Alpine Green
FM RadioNo
3.5mm jackNo
iPhone 13 Pro Max Full Specifications

Design & Build Quality

The iPhone 13 Promax looks exactly like its younger brother, the 12 Pro Max with just a few minor upgrades.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has glass on the front and back along with a shiny stainless steel frame. One of the best parts of the 13 Pro has to be the battery life. It got a 121-hour endurance rating on our tests. Not only is this the longest endurance ever for an iPhone, but it’s also up there in terms of 2021 flagships in general.

The 13 Pro Max is as rugged as last year’s model. It should survive up to 6 meters underwater for 30 minutes. The display’s cover glass, the Ceramic Shield by Corning, once again offers some of the best protection in the industry, though it will shatter and scratch if you abuse it.


As for the screen itself, it’s a 6.7-inch Super Retina OLED with a pixel density of 458 PPI. It’s HDR 10 and Dolby Vision compliant too. For the first time, Apple is introducing a high 120Hz refresh rate on its phones. They call it Promotion, and it’s adaptive.

Games can’t fully utilize it just yet, but aside from that, the feature is executed very well. The display can drop down to as little as 10Hz and then jump up to 120Hz on the fly, depending on whether you’re touching the screen and the current content.

This saves on battery life and offers a smoother experience when you need it. Other than that, this is a wonderful display. It has a wide color gamut and pretty much flawless color accuracy.

We also got an excellent 1050 nits in auto-brightness, which means this is one of the brightest panels on the market. The audio quality of its speakers was similarly impressive.


The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a bottom-firing speaker, and it uses its earpiece as a second channel. The speakers earned a very good loudness rating on our tests, and these are among the best-sounding speakers that you can get on a phone.

Battery Life

The Max is a hefty phone, and part of that comes from its 4,352mAh battery, which is the biggest one that Apple has ever put in an iPhone. And surprisingly, one of the best parts of the 13 Pro has to be the battery life. It got a 121-hour endurance rating on our tests.

Not only is this the longest endurance ever for an iPhone, but it’s also up there in terms of 2021 flagships in general. And it’s not just good standby times that give it this result; screen-on time is great, and this phone will likely survive a full day or two of heavy usage.


Irritatingly, the iPhone ships without a charger. Using Apple’s 20-watt charger, the 13 Pro Max got from zero to 42% in half an hour. Since the phone supports charging up to 27 watts, if you get a more powerful adapter, you can get up to 55% in half an hour. However, it doesn’t improve the full charge times.

The iPhone 13 Pro arrives with Apple’s latest A15 Bionic chipset. The phone is equipped with six gigs of RAM versus four gigabytes on the non-Pro models. Performance-wise, the Pro Max is way ahead of its Android competition, and its closest rivals are last year’s iPhones.

The new chipset improves last year’s performance by 10%, and it is the fastest chipset in a phone to date. The one concern we do have is that the GPU was quick to throttle, and we would have liked to see better sustained performance.

Software & UI

The 13 Pro Max comes with iOS 15 out of the box, and while visually it’s not a huge update over iOS 14, you’ll notice that UI elements are slightly rounder. More notably, FaceTime, messages, notification management, the Safari browser, Wallet, and Maps have all been improved.

For example, notifications got a complete overhaul, and they now have better visibility, and you can set focus profiles that filter notifications depending on what you’re doing. We have more details about iOS 15 in our iPhone 13 review, and we’ve left a link to it down below.


But the biggest update with the Pro Max model this year must be the cameras. All three rear cameras have been improved. So, what are you getting here? The 12-megapixel main sensor has larger pixels than before, the largest single pixels in a smartphone, in fact.

The 12-megapixel telephoto now has optical three-times zoom instead of 2.5 times, and the 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor lets in more light and now has autofocus, so it can double as a macro cam.

There is a LiDAR scanner too, and it helps the three cameras with depth maps for better portraits and faster autofocus in low light. Only the selfie camera is the same 12-megapixel unit as before.

Main Camera

During the day, the 13 Pro Max takes very good photos with the main camera, and of course, they have a very iPhone-like flavor. Colours are accurate but unexciting, the dynamic range is wide, and HDR is balanced. The detail is good, and the noise is non-existent. If you want more dramatic images, you can use the Photographic Styles to achieve a more expressive look.

The telephoto maintains the same vibe as the main camera, and you get sharp and detailed images. Noise is minimal, and the dynamic range is good. The ultrawide is also quietly competent. The Colours and dynamic range are a good match for the other cameras. There’s some extra softness here and there, though, and a bit of noise.

Thanks to the autofocus, you can get some extreme close-ups with the ultrawide camera. They’re not quite macro, and the focus is quite shallow, but still, with good light, patience, and a steady hand, you can get some pretty impressive shots. You can take portraits with both the main camera and the telephoto.

The main camera will get you higher-quality images, while the telephoto allows for a nicer perspective. With the main camera, subject separation is good, but the phone sometimes blurs the shoulders of your subject when it shouldn’t. Skin tones are warm, detail is great, and the dynamic range is great too. With the telephoto, portraits are a little softer, and there were more mishaps in subject detection. Once again, the dynamic range and colors are excellent.

Shots with the front camera had very likable skin tones. The exposure and dynamic range were great, the detail was superb, and we didn’t notice much noise. The 13 Pro Max has an excellent default Auto Night mode. It’s less aggressive than Android phones when it comes to restoring highlights and boosting shadows, so you get a more true-to-life look.

Detail is good outside of tonal extremes, and you’ll find white balance and color saturation to be on point. While you can disable it, there isn’t really a good reason to do so.

If you want to zoom in at night, the Max will revert to its primary camera if the scene is too dark. Overall, the images are okay, but they’re nothing amazing. Detail and sharpness are good in reasonably lit scenes when they’re captured by the actual telephoto. They are a little too dark for our taste, though.

At night, the ultrawide snapper is a step up from what you get on the iPhone 12 Pro and what you get with the vanilla iPhone 13. Shots have good sharpness and detail, and colors are accurate. Once again, we would have preferred slightly brighter shadows.

Video Recording

The iPhone can record video up to 4K at 60fps with all of its cameras. iPhones usually have excellent video quality, and the situation is no different here. During the day, the footage is great. Dynamic range is good, colors are lively, there’s no noise, and detail is plenty. Videos with the telephoto are the same as with the main camera, just zoomed in three times.

Things To Consider Before Buying A UK Used iPhone 13 Promax

iPhone 13 Pro Max Price In Nigeria

Note: While buying a used iPhone can save you money, it also comes with some risks. The device could be damaged or have issues that the seller is not disclosing, and it may not come with the same warranty or support as a brand-new device.

To reduce the risks associated with buying a used iPhone, it is important to purchase from a reputable seller or retailer. Also, Make sure that you physically inspect the device before purchasing it, to ensure it is in good condition and functioning properly.


The iPhone 13 Pro Max doesn’t look very different from its predecessor. The notch should have been long gone by now, and it’s actually not significantly faster. However, the screen is fantastic, the stereo speakers are great, the performance is still unmatched, and the battery life is simply class-leading. Photo and video quality are great across the board too.

Is this the most innovative phone ever? Hardly. But it offers a very solid experience in pretty much every department, and of course, it’s the best iPhone ever. If you’re upgrading from an iPhone that is older than the iPhone 12 Pro, we definitely recommend it.

If you are looking for a high-end smartphone in Nigeria and are considering the iPhone 13 Pro Max, buying a used device can be a great way to save money. Just be sure to do your research, and buy from a reputable seller.

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